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ItemFactory Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Factory class to create (new, drop, past) or load BasketIem, and eventuelly save them (?)
Sébastien Laoût


ItemcopyFileAndLoad (const KURL &url, Basket *parent)
QString createFileForNewItem (Basket *parent, const QString &extension, const QString &wantedName)
ItemcreateItem (const QString &text, Basket *parent, const QString &annotations)
ItemcreateItemColor (const QColor &color, Basket *parent, const QString &annotations)
ItemcreateItemHtml (const QString &html, Basket *parent, const QString &annotations)
ItemcreateItemImage (const QPixmap &image, Basket *parent, const QString &annotations)
ItemcreateItemLauncher (const QString &command, const QString &name, const QString &icon, Basket *parent)
ItemcreateItemLauncher (const KURL &url, Basket *parent)
QString createItemLauncherFile (const QString &command, const QString &name, const QString &icon, Basket *parent)
ItemcreateItemLink (const KURL &url, const QString &title, Basket *parent, const QString &annotations)
ItemcreateItemLink (const KURL &url, Basket *parent, const QString &annotations)
ItemcreateItemLinkOrLauncher (const KURL &url, Basket *parent)
ItemcreateItemText (const QString &text, Basket *parent, const QString &annotations)
ItemcreateItemUnknow (QMimeSource *source, Basket *parent, const QString &annotations)
void dropItem (QMimeSource *source, Basket *parent, bool fromDrop, QDropEvent::Action action, Item *itemSource)
void dropURLs (KURL::List urls, Basket *parent, QDropEvent::Action action, bool fromDrop)
QString fileNameForNewFile (const QString &wantedName, const QString &destFolder)
QString fileNameForNewItem (Basket *parent, const QString &wantedName)
QFont fontForFontType (int type)
QString iconForCommand (const QString &command)
QString iconForURL (const KURL &url)
void insertEmpty (int type, Basket *parent)
void insertWizard (int type, Basket *parent)
bool isIconExist (const QString &icon)
ItemloadFile (const QString &fileName, Basket *parent, const QString &annotations)
bool maybeAnimation (const KURL &url)
bool maybeHtml (const KURL &url)
bool maybeImageOrAnimation (const KURL &url)
bool maybeLauncher (const KURL &url)
bool maybeSound (const KURL &url)
bool maybeText (const KURL &url)
ItemmoveFileAndLoad (const KURL &url, Basket *parent)
QStringList textToURLList (const QString &text)
QString titleForURL (const KURL &url)
Item::Type typeForURL (const KURL &url, Basket *parent)

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