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Settings Class Reference

#include <settings.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Handle all global variables (to avoid lot of extern declarations)
Sébastien Laoût

Definition at line 54 of file settings.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static QString animationProg ()
static bool blinkedSearch ()
static int clickConf ()
static bool clickCopyToSelection ()
static int defIconSize ()
static int defImageX ()
static int defImageY ()
static QColor defTextColor ()
static int defTextFont ()
static int dropTimeToShow ()
static bool enterValidateInline ()
static bool hideOnMouseOut ()
static QString htmlProg ()
static QString imageProg ()
static bool instantToolTips ()
static bool isAnimationUseProg ()
static bool isHtmlUseProg ()
static bool isImageUseProg ()
static bool isSoundUseProg ()
static bool isTextUseProg ()
static int lastBasket ()
static void loadConfig ()
static QPoint mainWindowPosition ()
static QSize mainWindowSize ()
static int middleAction ()
static bool onlyBasketsIcon ()
static void saveConfig ()
static bool searchOnTop ()
static void setAnimationProg (const QString &prog)
static void setBlinkedSearch (bool blinked)
static void setClickConf (int conf)
static void setClickCopyToSelection (bool yes)
static void setDefIconSize (int val)
static void setDefImageX (int val)
static void setDefImageY (int val)
static void setDefTextColor (QColor val)
static void setDefTextFont (int val)
static void setDropTimeToShow (int time)
static void setEnterValidateInline (bool yes)
static void setHideOnMouseOut (bool hide)
static void setHtmlProg (const QString &prog)
static void setImageProg (const QString &prog)
static void setInstantToolTips (bool enable)
static void setIsAnimationUseProg (bool useProg)
static void setIsHtmlUseProg (bool useProg)
static void setIsImageUseProg (bool useProg)
static void setIsSoundUseProg (bool useProg)
static void setIsTextUseProg (bool useProg)
static void setLastBasket (int lastBasket)
static void setMainWindowPosition (const QPoint &pos)
static void setMainWindowSize (const QSize &size)
static void setMiddleAction (int action)
static void setOnlyBasketsIcon (bool onlyIcons)
static void setSearchOnTop (bool onTop)
static void setShowEmptyBasketInfo (bool show)
static void setShowIconInSystray (bool show)
static void setShowItemsToolTip (bool show)
static void setShowOnMouseIn (bool show)
static void setSoundProg (const QString &prog)
static void setStartDocked (bool docked)
static void setTabsOnTop (bool onTop)
static void setTextProg (const QString &prog)
static void setTimeToHideOnMouseOut (int time)
static void setTimeToShowOnMouseIn (int time)
static void setUseInlineEditors (bool use)
static void setUsePassivePopup (bool enable)
static void setUseSystray (bool useSystray)
static void setWritingAction (int action)
static void setWritingCommaAction (int action)
static bool showEmptyBasketInfo ()
static bool showIconInSystray ()
static bool showItemsToolTip ()
static bool showOnMouseIn ()
static bool singleClick ()
static QString soundProg ()
static bool startDocked ()
static bool tabsOnTop ()
static QString textProg ()
static int timeToHideOnMouseOut ()
static int timeToShowOnMouseIn ()
static bool useInlineEditors ()
static bool usePassivePopup ()
static bool useSystray ()
static int writingAction ()
static int writingCommaAction ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void loadLinkLook (LinkLook *&look, const QString &name, LinkLook *defaultL)
static void saveLinkLook (LinkLook *look, const QString &name)

Static Protected Attributes

static QString s_animationProg = "gimp"
static bool s_animationUseProg = true
static bool s_blinkedSearch = false
static int s_clickConf = 2
static bool s_clickCopyToSelection = true
static int s_defIconSize = 32
static int s_defImageX = 300
static int s_defImageY = 200
static QColor s_defTextColor = Qt::black
static int s_defTextFont = 0
static int s_dropTimeToShow = 7
static bool s_enterValidateInline = false
static bool s_hideOnMouseOut = false
static QString s_htmlProg = "quanta"
static bool s_htmlUseProg = false
static QString s_imageProg = "kolourpaint"
static bool s_imageUseProg = true
static bool s_instantToolTips = true
static int s_lastBasket = 0
static QPoint s_mainWindowPosition = QPoint()
static QSize s_mainWindowSize = QSize()
static int s_middleAction = 0
static bool s_onlyBasketsIcon = false
static bool s_searchOnTop = true
static bool s_showEmptyBasketInfo = true
static bool s_showIconInSystray = false
static bool s_showItemsToolTip = true
static bool s_showOnMouseIn = false
static QString s_soundProg = ""
static bool s_soundUseProg = false
static bool s_startDocked = false
static bool s_tabsOnTop = true
static QString s_textProg = ""
static bool s_textUseProg = false
static int s_timeToHideOnMouseOut = 0
static int s_timeToShowOnMouseIn = 1
static bool s_useInlineEditors = true
static bool s_usePassivePopup = true
static bool s_useSystray = true
static int s_writingAction = 0
static int s_writingCommaAction = 0

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