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void KDirWatch::addDir ( const QString &  path,
bool  watchFiles = false,
bool  recursive = false 

Adds a directory to be watched.

The directory does not have to exist. When watchFiles is false (the default), the signals dirty(), created(), deleted() can be emitted, all for the watched directory. When watchFiles is true, all files in the watched directory are watched for changes, too. Thus, the signals dirty(), created(), deleted() can be emitted.

path the path to watch
watchFiles if true, the KDirWatch will also watch files
recursive if true, all sub directories are also watched

Definition at line 1341 of file kdirwatch.cpp.

Referenced by Basket::Basket().

  if (watchFiles || recursive) {
    kdDebug(7001) << "addDir - recursive/watchFiles not supported in KDE 3.0"
              << endl;
  if (d) d->addEntry(this, _path, 0, true);

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