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Basket Class Reference

#include <basket.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Basket that contain some Items.
Sébastien Laoût

Definition at line 95 of file basket.h.

Public Types

enum  ViewFileContent {
  FileText, FileHTML, FileImage, FileSound,

Public Slots

void addSelectedItem ()
void changeItemPlace (Item *item)
void checkItem ()
void clearStack ()
void clicked (Item *item, bool controlPressed, bool shiftPressed)
void copyItem ()
int countSelecteds ()
void cutItem ()
void delItem ()
void delItem (Item *item, bool askForMirroredFile=true)
void editItem ()
void editItem (Item *item, bool editAnnotations=false)
void editItemMetaData ()
void ensureVisibleItem (Item *item)
void focusAnItem ()
void gotoNextCheckedItem (bool next, bool checked)
void insertItem (Item *item)
void invertSelection ()
QRect itemRect (Item *item)
void itemSizeChanged (Item *item)
void linkLookChanged ()
void moveItemDown ()
void moveItemUp ()
void moveOnBottom ()
void moveOnTop ()
ItemnextCheckedItem (bool next, bool checked)
ItemnextShownItemFrom (Item *item, int step)
void openItem ()
void openItemWith ()
void openMirroredFolder ()
void pasteItem (QClipboard::Mode mode=QClipboard::Clipboard)
void recolorizeItems ()
void reloadMirroredFolder ()
void removeSelectedItem ()
void resetSelectedItem ()
void save ()
void saveItemAs ()
void selectAll ()
void selectCheckedItems ()
void selectRange (Item *start, Item *end)
void setFocusedItem (Item *item)
void showItemsToolTipChanged ()
void showMirrorOnlyOnceInfo ()
void unselectAll ()
void unselectAllBut (Item *toSelect)


void areSelectedItemsCheckedChanged (bool checked)
void changedSelectedItems ()
void iconChanged (Basket *basket, const QString &icon)
void itemsNumberChanged (Basket *basket)
void nameChanged (Basket *basket, const QString &name)

Public Member Functions

QColor altColor ()
bool areSelectedItemsChecked ()
 Basket (QWidget *parent, const QString &folderName, const char *name="", WFlags fl=0)
QColor bgAltColor ()
QColor bgColor ()
bool canDragItem ()
void checkClipboard ()
void clearDirectory (const QString &path)
int clipboardMaxItems ()
int clipboardWhich ()
QColor color ()
void computeInsertPlace (const QPoint &cursorPosition)
void consumeStackItem (Item *item)
int contentOnClickAction ()
QString copyFile (const QString &srcPath, const QString &destFolder, bool createIt=false)
QString copyIcon (const QString &iconName, int size, const QString &destFolder)
int count () const
int countShown () const
ItemcurrentStackItem ()
void deleteBasketData ()
void deleteFiles ()
void dontCareOfCreation (const QString &path)
void dragStackItem ()
virtual void dropEvent (QDropEvent *event)
ItemduplicatedOf (Item *item)
void exportToHTML ()
int fileOnClickAction ()
ItemfirstItem () const
ItemfirstShownItem () const
QString folderName ()
QString fullPath ()
QString fullPathForFileName (const QString &fileName)
int hAlign ()
QString icon ()
bool insertAtCursorPos ()
bool insertAtEnd ()
void insertStackItemInCurrentWindow ()
bool isAClipboard ()
bool isAMirror ()
bool isAStack ()
bool isDuringDrag ()
bool isDuringEdit ()
bool isEmpty () const
bool isLocked ()
ItemitemAtPosition (const QPoint &pos)
ItemitemForFullPath (const QString &path)
ItemlastInsertedItem ()
ItemlastItem () const
ItemlastShownItem () const
bool mirrorOnlyNewFiles ()
void processActionAsYouType (QKeyEvent *event)
void resetInsertTo ()
void rotateStack ()
void setAlign (int hAlign, int vAlign)
void setClipboardMaxItems (int max)
void setClipboardWhich (int which)
void setColors (const QColor &color, const QColor &altColor)
void setContentOnClickAction (int action)
void setFileOnClickAction (int action)
void setIcon (const QString &icon)
void setInsertAtCursorPos (bool yes)
void setInsertAtEnd (bool atEnd)
void setIsAClipboard (bool enable)
void setIsAStack (bool enable)
void setLocked (bool lock)
void setMirrorOnlyNewFiles (bool only)
void setName (const char *name)
void setShowCheckBoxes (bool show)
void setShowSearchBar (bool show)
void setStackAfterDrag (int whatToDo)
void setStackTakeOnSameSide (bool yes)
void setViewFileContent (ViewFileContent of, bool val)
bool showCheckBoxes ()
void showFrameInsertTo ()
bool showSearchBar ()
int stackAfterDrag ()
void stackMoveToOppositeSide ()
bool stackTakeAtEnd ()
bool stackTakeOnSameSide ()
bool successfulyLoaded ()
int vAlign ()
bool viewFileContent (ViewFileContent of)

Static Public Member Functions

static void acceptDropEvent (QDropEvent *event, bool preCond=true)
static QString fullPathForFolderName (const QString &folderName)
static QString htmlToParagraph (const QString &html)
static bool isAMirror (const QString &folderName)
static QString textToHTML (const QString &text)
static QString textToHTMLWithoutP (const QString &text)

Public Attributes

bool m_clickedToExitEdit
bool m_insertAfter
QString m_mirrorOnlyOnceFileName

Protected Slots

void clipboardChanged (bool selectionMode=false)
void closeEditor (bool save=true)
void newSearch (const SearchData &data)
void placeEditor ()
void resetSearch ()
void selectionChanged ()
void slotCopyingDone (KIO::Job *, const KURL &, const KURL &to, bool, bool)
void slotCreatedFile (const QString &path)
void slotDeletedFile (const QString &path)
void slotModifiedFile (const QString &path)
void slotUpdateItems ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void contentsMousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *event)
virtual void dragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *)
virtual void dragLeaveEvent (QDragLeaveEvent *)
virtual void dragMoveEvent (QDragMoveEvent *event)
virtual void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *)
virtual void focusOutEvent (QFocusEvent *)
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event)
void plugItem (Item *item, Item *atItem, bool after)
void setFirstItem (Item *item)
void setFirstShownItem (Item *item)
void setLastItem (Item *item)
void setLastShownItem (Item *item)
virtual void showEvent (QShowEvent *)
void unplugItem (Item *item)

Protected Attributes

bool m_insertAtEnd

Private Member Functions

void computeShownItems ()
bool importLauncher (const QString &type, const QDomElement &content, const QString &runCommand, const QString &annotations, bool checked)
void load ()
void loadItems (const QDomElement &items)
void relayoutItems ()
virtual void viewportResizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)

Private Attributes

QColor m_altColor
bool m_areSelectedItemsChecked
int m_clipboardMaxItems
int m_clipboardWhich
QColor m_color
int m_contentOnClickAction
int m_count
int m_countSelecteds
int m_countShown
QStringList m_dontCare
QCheckBox * m_dontShowEmptyHelp
QWidget * m_emptyHelp
int m_fileOnClickAction
QString m_folderName
QFrame * m_frameInsertTo
QFrame * m_framesIT [4]
int m_hAlign
QString m_icon
bool m_insertAtCursorPos
bool m_isAClipboard
bool m_isAStack
bool m_isDuringDrag
bool m_isLoaded
bool m_isLocked
bool m_mirrorOnlyNewFiles
bool m_showCheckBoxes
bool m_showSearchBar
int m_stackAfterDrag
QKeyEvent * m_stackedKeyEvent
bool m_stackTakeOnSameSide
QPtrList< FileEventm_updateQueue
QTimer m_updateTimer
int m_vAlign
bool * m_ViewFileContent

Static Private Attributes

static const int c_updateTime = 200

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