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AddBasketWizard Class Reference

#include <addbasketwizard.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Wizard to choose a type for a new basket, eventually populate it with initial contents and / or give it a name.
Sébastien Laoût

Definition at line 39 of file addbasketwizard.h.

Public Member Functions

 AddBasketWizard (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)

Protected Member Functions

QString choosenName ()
int choosenType ()
void setupMirrorPage ()
void setupNamePage ()
void setupTypePage ()
void showPage (QWidget *page)

Private Slots

void accept ()
void mirrorChanged (const QString &)
void mirrorReopenChanged ()
void nameChanged (const QString &name)
void typeChanged (int type)

Private Member Functions

void addStretch (QWidget *parent)

Private Attributes

QVBox * m_mirrorPage
bool m_mirrorPathError
QLabel * m_mirrorState
KLineEdit * m_name
QVBox * m_namePage
QCheckBox * m_onlyNewFiles
QCheckBox * m_reopenMirror
bool m_shouldChooseAnotherName
QVBox * m_typePage
QButtonGroup * m_types
KURLRequester * m_url

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